Curse Of Montezuma

Curse Of Montezuma 1.0

Curse Of Montezuma is another puzzle games of Bejeweled
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Curse Of Montezuma is another puzzle games of Bejeweled in which you must switch gems in order to match three or more adjacent gems of the same color and make them disappear from the board, and generating new ones. You will play as Cathie Jones, a world famous archaeologist and granddaughter of Emily Jones from the game Treasures of Montezuma. Your goal is to eliminate from the board all the gems with special centers and before the time runs out. When you complete a level, you are granted gold coins that can be later used to purchase totems and spell power-ups to facilitate your work. The game also features various fun mini-games that you can play immediately after each main story episode. There are also several awards that you can earn, if you play well that include a 10 chain combo and finishing a level fast, among others. The game includes 60 different levels that get more and more challenging as you progress. It features colorful graphics with comic-like story sequences, and a suitable music. Curse Of Montezuma is an entertaining and challenging match-3 game that will provide hours and hours of fun.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great graphics and music
  • Interesting awards and power-ups
  • Unique mini-games


  • Only one game mode
  • The hint system cannot be turned off
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